"The challenge of hope is to overcome corruption."


Season Three, Episode 05
Date c. 20 BBY
Era Rise of The Empire Era
Air date October 8, 2010
Written by Cameron Litvack
Directed by Giancarlo Volpe
Production Number 3.04
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Corruption is the fifth episode in The Clone Wars: Season Three. It is set to air October 8, 2010.

Official Decription

Padmé, on a diplomatic mission to Mandalore, guarantees the pacifist planet the Republic's full protection, but she and Duchess Satine soon find something sinister lurking beneath the planet's serene facade. Moogan smugglers have been sneaking in supplies, including bottled tea destined for the Mandalorian schools. To increase their profits, they have been diluting the tea with a hazardous chemical.


Desperate times on Mandalore! Having won neutrality for the Mandalorian system, Duchess Satine now finds herself an outsider with little aid to her people. Supplies are impossible to come by, except on the black market. As a result, the Duchess faces a world consumed by greed. Hoping to alleviate some of the tensions rising on the capital city of Sundari, Satine has called upon her friend Padmé Amidala to make a diplomatic visit....


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