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Title Clone Trooper[1]
Homeworld Kamino[2]
Born c. 31 BBY[3]
Died 21 BBY[4]
Place of Death Christophsis[5]
Species Human (Clone)[6]
Gender Male[7]
Height 1.83 meters[8]
Skin Color Brown[9]
Hair Color Black[10]
Eye Color Brown[11]
Cybernetics None
Era Rise of The Empire Era[12]
Affiliation Galactic Republic[14]

Grand Army of The Republic[15]

Masters Unknown
Apprentices Unknown

"Flanker, eh? Hatchmate, I take it. Where's he at?"

"Flanker…he…he, uh, died on Christophsis, sir."

—Mag and Shiv talking about Flanker's death.[16]

Flanker was a clone trooper during the Clone Wars. In 21 BBY, Flanker was dispatched to the crystal world of Christophsis where he met his death.

Early Life

Flanker was born in a cloning tank on the stormy water world of Kamino. He was cloned from the DNA of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. When cloned, the Kaminoans used accelerated growth technology to mature him in half the time as a live-born. After born, he was subject to ten years of clone trooper training. In the training, there were thirteen levels. The training consisted of learning about every known planet in the galaxy, learning of elements such as snow, and mainly battle training. He, along with his fellow hatchmate Shiv, were assigned to desert training. Flanker joked that with all the desert training they recieved, one of them would get shipped to a water world. After he completed his training, he was ready to begin his career as a clone trooper serving in the Galactic Republic.

The Clone Wars

Flanker was one of the millions of clone troopers that served in the clone wars. His only known service in battle is the Battle of Christophsis in 21 BBY. It is unknown if he served in any other battles.

Battle of Christophsis

In 21 BBY, The Confederacy of Independent Systems launched a major attack on the crytal world of Christophsis. The attack called for large amounts of clone troopers to be shiped to Christophsis to liberate the native Christophsians from the destructive droid army. Flanker happened to be one of the many clones that participated in the battle.


Sometime during the battle, Flanker was killed. Despite Flanker's death, his fellow hatchmate "Shiv" continued to write letters to Flanker due to the calming of writing letters. He wrote one letter about the problems he faced on Orto Plutonia. Shiv also shared Flanker's death with his commander, Mag.

Armor and Gear

Nothing is known of Flanker's gear. However, they are many indications that he wore simple phase one clone trooper armor. Being a clone trooper, Flanker would have had to carry rations as well as an explosive on his tool belt.

Personality and Traits

Little is known about Flanker's personality or traits. However, it is known that he had a sence of humor. As he joked to fellow hatchmate Shiv that with all the desert training they recieved, one of them would get shipped to a water world.

Behind The Scenes

Flanker was first mentioned in Cold Snap, a tie-in webcomic for "Trespass," an episode of the first season of The Clone Wars television series. Cold Snap was written by Pablo Hidalgo.


Cold Snap (First Mentioned)


Cold Snap