Heroes on Both Sides
Date c. 20 BBY
Era Rise of The Empire Era
Series The Clone Wars
Season Three
Episode 10
Main Crew
Director Kyle Dunlevy
Writer Daniel Arkin
Supervising Writer Unknown
Staff Writer Unknown
Production Number 3.06
Airdate November 19, 2010
Previous Hunt for Ziro
Next Pursuit of Peace
Heroes on Both Sides is the tenth epiosde in The Clone Wars TV Series. It is set to air November 19, 2010.

Official Description

"Padmé Amidala and Ahsoka Tano travel to Raxus in an attempt to forge a peace agreement with the Separatists. As Padmé enlists the help of a former mentor, Mina Bonteri, Ahsoka learns some valuable lessons about the realities of war."


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