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The Dreams of General Grievous
The Dreams of General Grievous
Title Webcomic[1]
Date c. 21 BBY[2]
Era Rise of The Empire Era[3]
  • Clone Wars Era[4]
Writer Pablo Hidalgo[5]
Inker Unknown
Penciller Katie Cook[6]

Grant Gould[7]

Tom Hodges[8]

Jeff Carlisle[9]

Letterer Grant Could[10]
Colorist Unknown
Cover Artist Unknown
Editor Unknown
Publication Date December 10, 2008[12]
Price Free[13]
Pages 6[14]
Series The Clone Wars Webcomics[15]
Issue Number 10[16]
Preceded By Transfer[17]
Followed By Bait[18]

"Visions of the past haunt the dreams of General Grievous"


The Dreams of General Grievous is a six-page web comic published on It was released December 10, 2008. It leads into the season one episode "Lair of Grievous."[20]


While on his way to his home on the third moon of Vassek, the droid General Grievous, had visions of his past. Grievous revealed that he was one a Kaleesh warrior that wanted war. The drums of conflict were beating his heart. The fire of conquest raged through his veines. His lungs breathed air filled with enemies turned to ashes. It was there where he thrived. He had toppled nations. He had slain kings. He had murdered legends. His name was feared by warriors, and cursed by widows. But those were just dreams to General Grievous. Dreams of a past that continued to fade. Grievous believed he was a failure. He believed that the bitter blood he tasted, was his own. Grievous wanted to feel young again. And the only place he found that, was in war. But the troops he commanded were not warriors of his past. They were not the warriors of his dreams. Grievous continued to dream as he drifted in space in his personal starfighter, Soulless One. He was still thinking, when a B1 Battle droid interrupted his thoughts to report that Count Dooku had been trying to contact him. Grievous ignored the droid and continued drifting in space. The Battle Droid, however, continued calling his name. Grievous continued to ignore and contined heading for the third moon of Vassek.

Behind The Scenes

The Dreams of General Grievous is a prequel to "Lair of Grievous." It explains of Grievous walking into a trap, as seen in the season one episode. The comic was illustrated and lettered by Katie Cook, Grant Gould, Tom Hodges, and Jeff Carlisle, and written by Pablo Hidalgo. Special thanks were also given to Leland Chee, Sue Rostoni, and Dave Filoni. The Dreams of General Grievous was posted on Star on December 10, 2008.



Dooku (Mentioned Only)


Droid Models

B1 Battle Droid (Appears in flashbacks) (Appears in hologram)

B2 Super Battle Droid (Appears in flashbacks)

B2-HA Series Super Battle Droid (Appears in flashbacks)


Huk War (Appears in flashbacks)

Clone Wars


Kalee (Appears in flashbacks)

Vassek (And Moons)

Organizations and Titles

Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies




Skrilling (Appears in flashbacks)

Yam'rii (Appears in flashbacks)

Vehicles and Vessels

Belbullab-22 Starfighter

  • Soulless One

Weapons and Technology

Blaster (Appears in flashbacks)

Lig Sword (Appears in flashbacks)

Lightsaber (Appears in flashbacks)



  • Dream


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